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Drag your full-screen character screenshots here and I’ll do the rest.
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What is this?

This Genshin card generator allows you to create a neat collage of your Genshin Impact character builds by simply giving it screenshots of your artifacts and stats.

How to use this?

  1. Take full-screen screenshots of your game in the character menus. These screenshots include:
    • Attributes screen
    • Details screen (stats table) - take several screenshots to fit all the stats you need
    • Weapon screen
    • Talents screen
    • Constellations screen
    • Each of the artifacts in the artifacts menu
    You don't have to use all of them - mix and match depending on what you need.
  2. Drop or paste screenshots into the app.
  3. Watch the magic happen.
    • If the magic fails to happen in some way, the app will try to ask you what the screenshot you have provided is. If all fails or looks wrong, please report the bug on Discord! Any reports are appreciated.
  4. Configure the framing of your character and choose if you want to display 3 or 4 talents. You can also choose the stats you want to showcase.
  5. Choose "Download" or "Render" to complete your image.
That's it!

Report a bug or request a feature

I would appreciate your requests on Discord!
I can discuss your suggestions and reports in English, Russian or Japanese.

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